USA is ranked only 41 in the Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index

The USA is ranked 41th of 180 countries in the Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index 2015

USA only ranked 41 in GSCI 2015.

The US scores below the global average in resource intensity and social cohesion, and while the intellectual capital score is considerably above the global average, it is also significantly below the global best score. In none of the fundamental 5 criteria the US scores in the global top 10. Key findings include:

  • Natural capital: rank 50 of 180. While the US has large biodiversity, the decline of several resources (in particular the availability of fresh-water), environmental degradation and pollution negatively affect the natural capital score compared to higher ranked nations
  • Resource intensity: 159 of 180. Not surprisingly, the US does not score well in resource efficiency. The US not only uses significant amounts of resources per head and GDP, but efficiency gains are also slow compared to leading economies
  • Social capital: 113 of 180. High crime and violence rates, and the growing inequity amongst society groups, negatively affect score and prevent the country on fully capitalising on internal human resources
  • Intellectual capital: 22 of 180. High school enrolment rates and high number of patent applications (both per capita and GDP) ensure a fairly high score. However, the gap in education quality (the US has the World’s best, but probably also the World Worst universities), decreasing quality of school, and declining expenditure for R&D undermine the future growth potential
  • Governance capital: 19 of 180. The sheer size of the US economy gives the country an undisputed advantage in influencing World policies and treaties according to its will. However, declining investments in infrastructure, services, and industrial manufacturing are a worrying sign in the perspective of future development.

US GSCI 2015 performance

Sustainable competitiveness is the ability to generate wealth and income, and provide security and freedom for all citizens without compromising the ability of future generations to sustain or increase current levels of the same

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