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Corporate Sustainability & ESG Korea: Status, Performance & Trends

The latest facts & trends: energy efficiency is increasing, R&D is beefed up. Ethical miss-behaviour on the top-management levels remains an issue, and corporate governance by the meaning of it is non-existent as ever.
Sustainable investment, if applied & based on bottom-line research methodologies, continues to out-perform the market

Corporate Sustainability Korea 2013: (PDF, 20 pages): Download
Corporate Sustainability, Governance, & ESG in Korea – State & Trends 2013

Sustainability Korea 2013

The Correlations: Sustainability & Financial Performance

Evidence from the 5th annual ESG review clearly shows the superior financial performance of sustainable companies compared to less sustainable businesses

The Correlations: Sustainability & Financial Performance (PDF, 30 pages): Download
Stock Returns & Sustainability: The Correlations

Corporate Sustainability Survey Korea; Facts & Trends

The largest ever survey amongst Korean sustainability professionals on status and trends in corporate sustainability. Key take-aways include:

  • More than 55% of respondents say their organization has implemented sustainability activities
  • Initial sustainability activities were focused on “social responsibility” activities (ethical management, social activities), rather than strategic considerations
  • However, the view on sustainability has been changing significantly and rapidly over the last 2 years.
  • 65% of respondents indicate that sustainability has become more important at their respective company since the outbreak of the global financial & economic crisis
  • 8% of respondents expect that their company will have fully implemented sustainability management by 2014

Corporate SUstainability in Korea – Facts & Trends (PDF, 30 pages): Download
CSR in Korea: Suevey and Trends 2010

corporate sustainability korea - facts & trends
CSR in Korea: Suevey and Trends 2010

ESG & CSR in Korea 2010: Status & Trends

The results of SolAbility’s 4th ESG assessment shows that the value of sustainable companies outperforms the market, both short- and long term, by significant margins. The performance of a portfolio of leading Korean sustainability companies also outperforms sustainability benchmarks such as the KRX SRI and the DJSI Korea.

ESG Performance Korea 2010 (PDF, 20 pages): Download
ESG performance & CSR developments Korea

Korea ESG