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Sustainability Consulting

Achieving DJSI Recognition

Structured DJSI Performance Management

We follow a structured approach

  1. Detailed sustainability analysis to identify strenghts and potential gaps in sustainability strategy, policies, management systems and communication, based on global best practice and ESG issues, alligned with the demands of the key ESG evaluators
  2. Comprehensive action plan to adress the identified gaps
  3. Definition of an integrated  ESG communications
  4. Support & advice on communication with ESG evaluators

All SolAbility clients have become DJSI World members – a 100% track record. Three clients – for which SolAbility has designed sustainability strategy and guided sustainability implementation – have not only been included in the DJSI, but become DJSI World Industry Group Leaders for several consecutive years.

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There is only one relevant global benchmark for corporate sustainability – the Dow Jones World Sustainability Index (DJSI World). The media, investors, credit agencies and even NGOs look at the DJSI. If your company participates in a sustainability survey, it therefore has to be the DJSI. Inclusion in the DJSI demonstrates sustainable leadership to the outside world, acknowledged by a trusted external third party. Benefits of DJSI inclusion include:

  • Inclusion in the DJSI increases the profile of a company for a wide range of external stakeholders – both internal (employees) and external (customers, the media, the public)
  • A growing group of investors are looking for high performing companies with a solid sustainability profile. The DJSI enables investors to identify attractive investment opportunities that generate long-term value.
  • Rating agencies are increasingly looking at the non-tangible performance of companies to evaluate credit risks. Sustainability performance – acknowledged through Inclusion in the DJSI – therefore has a positive impact on capital cost.
  • The internal purpose of participating in the DJSI is to compare your sustainability performance with peers within and outside your own industry. The process of going through the questionnaire also serves as annual review to identify strength and weaknesses, identification of areas for improvement, and internal monitoring of progress and roadmaps.

Sustainability management systems developed & implemented by SolAbility have made 3 DJSI World Industry Group Leaders. Please refer to SolAbility’s track record for more information

Track record & clients

SolAbility has worked for a number of large multi-national clients. We are proud that three of our clients – for whom we designed sustainability implementation strategy, as well as management tools and supported sustainability communication – have been selected as “Supersector Leaders” (i.e. most sustainable company World-wide in their respective business field) by the DJSI (Dow Jones Sustainability Index), the most recognised international benchmark for corporate sustainability. For more details, please refer to track record and clients.

- Our clients -

3 DJSI World Industry Leaders

Achieving DJSI recognition

All SolAbility clients have become DJSI World Members – a 100% track record. Three clients have become DJSI Industry Leader.  The Average DJSI score of our clients imroved by more than 5, and in some cases more than 10 points. Our clients have become a DJSI member within less than 3 years of consultation”