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About Solability Challenges to Opportunities

Who We Are

SolAbility is a Swiss-Korean joint-venture founded in 2005.

SolAbility  is a sustainable intelligence think-tank and management consultancy. We designed and implemented sustainability strategies, policies and management tools that have made  3 DJSI Industry Leaders. SolAbility clients achieved sustained competitive advantage through  implementation of sustainability management and communication. We also have been  active in ESG research provision, supporting Korea’s best-performing SRI fund.

SolAbility commercial work finances our non-commercial research. SolAbility an independent think-tank, and the publisher of the Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index.

We are professional. We’re analytical.  The combination of professionalism, knowledge and creativity is the secret to our success.
We think outside the box. We are a bit different, and we are proud of it.

There is no firm in the global consulting industry that can match our success rate.

Challenges to Opportunities

What we do & Why we do it

In Our World We see –

  • economic volatility
  • environmental degradation, pollution, water scarcity, climate change
  • inequality of wealth, health and security between individuals, society groups, countries, and different regions of this World
  • changing demographics – aging populations in developed countries, large pools of unemployed youth in developing countries
  • artificial barriers between different values, ideas, and systems are hindering the realisation of an integrated sustainable economy
  • a sometimes irritating lack of common sense

At the same time we see – there are solutions to all of these problems. However, practical solutions are often aggravated by artificial barriers. Barriers built by perceptions, fear of loss of standard of life, and by ideological theories and thinking.

We believe that –

Sustainable development and sustained economic development are not mutually exclusive, but essential and complementary elements of sustained development and business success

  • Success is not a matter of ideology, but determined by the capability to integrate tangible and intangible assets into a comprehensive strategy
  • Sustainable thinking and strategies are the best tool to overcome artificial man-made barriers
  • Focusing on value is the most powerful driver
  • People who believe in what they do, and do so with joy, are the strongest drivers for initiating changes and seizing new opportunities

Our Core Work

We are publisher of

Global Sustainability index

Published since 2012, the GSCI index, evaluates the sustainability performance of all countries.

Climate Change

Climate Tax

The only way to achieve real zero, quick: Fossil Tax, redistributed as climate casg and reinvested in renewables

We provide

Sustainability Consulting

Since 2005, we have been working with  international businesses, developing systems that have made 3 DJSI World leaders.

What people say about us.

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“Working with SolAbility is the best thing that happened to us this year.”
Head of Strategic Planning, Lotte Shopping

All SolAbility clients have become DJSI World members, a 100% track record. Three clients have become DJSI World Industry Leaders.
It is our pride that our customers keep coming back to us.

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