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Sustainability Consulting

What gets measured gets done

Integrating dynamic corporate sustainability

Three companies for which SolAbility has developed & implemented sustainable management have been selected as DJSI World Industry Sector Leaders. Based on the approach we have applied, the DIY guide “What Gets Measured Gets Done” presents the key elements that decide over successful sustainability implementation. The guide is divided into the approach towards defining the right focus and strategy in a specific business, and selected sustainability management aspects

Only thorough integration eventually yields the desired outcome and bottom-line benefits. The key elements for success are:

Structured, Integrated, and bottom-line focussed


Structured process, integrated into every-day tools, and bottom-line focus are the key words for successful and efficient implementation of management frameworks. What is true for management in general equally applies to bottom-line integration of sustainability.

  • Vision: first and above all, there needs to be a vision in the house. Preferably a vison based on where you come from. It helps if that vision is clear to start with, but that is not the ultimate requirement for successful implementing sustainability.
  • Structure: using a structured approach leads to comprehensible and logically built road maps – the basis for smooth implementation and success
  • Integration: “Sustainability” is not an additional or separate issue; it’s the core of every successful strategy.
  • Focus: analytical bottom-line focus to achieve tangible and intangible results

Success is based on logic. Integrated, analytical logic. And, last but not least: “common sense” is the mother of it all.

For more information, download the report (PDF, 34 pages):
What Gets Measured Gets Done

Free guideline

From the maker of 3 DJSI World Industry Sector Leaders: 


What gets measured gets done

What Gets Measured Gets Done: download the guide