Track record & clients

Making global DJSI leaders: implementing sustainability

SolAbility has developed and implemented sustainability strategies, policies and management tools for a number of large, multinational and globally recognised corporations.

Sustainability strategy and management tools developed by SolAbility have helped three Korean companies to become DJSI World sustainability super-sector leaders in their respective industry:

The Dow Jones World Sustainability Index is the most important corporate sustainability benchmark globally, annually evaluating the sustainability management and performance of the World's largest 2'500 companies. Only 23 of these 2'500 are considered "Industry Group Leaders".

In addition to the companies listed above, SolAbility had the honour to serve numerous other clients. Mandates executed for corporate clients included

  • design of overall sustainability strategy,
  • development and implementation of specific sustainability management policies and tools,
  • implementation of corporate-wide KPI tracking and reporting systems,
  • development & implementation of risk management systems (both strategic risk management and project-related risk evaluation and management tools),
  • ethical behaviour excellence and risk reduction,
  • environmental management strategy, data management, and energy/GHG emission reduction strategy,
  • supply chain management systems,
  • HR development management,
  • stakeholder engagement,
  • and external communication (integrated sustainability reporting).
Making DJSI Leaders

Industry Group Leader Lotte SolAbility

Sustainability management systems developed & implemented by SolAbility have made 3 DJSI World Industry Group Leaders

 Cutting edge communication
Kia Motors Sustainability ReportSolAbility developed concept, structure, and data reporting framework for Kia Motor’s Sustainability Report. The Report was voted most innovative report  amongst 4'000 entries at the Vision Awards Annual Report competition in 2009. The concept is still used today.

Sustainable investment

SolAbility was involved in ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) research. A practical, hands-on approach to corporate sustainability evaluation based on a unique research methodology that focuses on measurable and material bottom-line impacts of sustainability management and performance facilitated to identification of outstanding investment opportunities. SolAbility's SolA 50 Index of Korean companies has outperformed the market as well as sustainability benchmarks each year by more than 5% since inception in 2007. An SRI fund based on SolAbility research achieved the best performance amongst comparable Korean investment products for 6 consecutive years.


Outperforming the market
SolA50ESGperformanceSuperior research methodology allows for identification of outstanding sustainable investment value