Corporate sustainability

Solutions for profitable sustainability & sustainable profitability

Simple approach. Sophisticated tools.

We use a simple yet robust process. But sophisticated analysis and tools. Our success is based on analytical evaluation, and on the surprisingly scarce commodity called common sense. We have improved systems and processes, and we have developed full sustainability management systems, green field.

Our expertise includes policy, goal and implementation strategy development, management tool development, and communication. Across all aspects of sustainability; across all industry sectors.

Want to be a DJSI leader? We make you one.


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Making DJSI Leaders

Industry Group Leader Lotte SolAbility

Sustainability management systems developed & implemented by SolAbility have made 3 DJSI World Industry Group Leaders

Kia Motor Sustainability Report
concept, structure, data reporting & presentation developed by SolAbility.
Kia Motors Sustainability Report
The report was voted most innovative report  amongst 4'000 entries at the Vision Awards Annual Report competition in 2009. SolAbility developed concept, structure, and data reporting framework for this report.  The concept is still used today.

Lotte Shopping's Sustainability Report
Report concept, structure & data requirments developed by SolAbility
”Lotte Shopping has demonstrated leadership in its sustainability reporting. The company reports on the link between its environmental and social initiatives on the one hand and their impact on revenue generation and cost reduction on the other. This way, they show the effect not only on society and the environment but also on the company’s bottom line.”
Guido Giese, Head of DJSI Indices at RobecoSAM


Sustainabile competitiveness - a simple, structured process:

Sustainability management implementation

You do not need a consultant. Actually. For DIY sustainability development and implementation, please refer to the guide on implementing sustainability, “ What Gets Measured Gets Done