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SolAbility Sustainable Intelligence

Sustainability and sustained economic development are not mutually exclusive.
They are complementary elements of success.

SolAbility is a sustainable intelligence think-tank and consultancy that has made 3 DJSI World Industry Leaders.

Proud publisher of the Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index – measuring green growth since 2012.

State of the World 2021

Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index

The most comprehensive global country Index
The GSCI evaluates more than 180 countries’ sustainability performance. Published since 2012, the Index provides an overview of country ESG competitiveness – and the State of the World.

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Climate Tax

The simplest and most efficient way to reduce GHG emissions to Zero: a Global Climate Tax.
The only way to achieve a fast transition to a non-fossil society with a renewable infrastructure is a global climate tax:
  • A climate tax on all GHG-emitting fuels,  substances, and activitis
  • The tax is levied at the same rate, everywhere around the globe.
  • 50% repaid to the people in cash , 50% invested in renewable infrastructure

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We help our clients to

Improve Sustainability Performance

With a comprehensive package, we help our clients to become a sustainable world leaders.
Sustainability management systems developed & implemented by SolAbility have made 3 DJSI World Industry Group Leaders


Featured Downloads

The Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index 2021

Download The Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index 2021

Achieving Sustainable Competitiveness: Key Policies


Download Sustainable. Competitive.

Carbon free by 2035: Global Climate Tax

Global Climate Tax Report Cover

The most efficient way to stop climate change: Climate tax feasibility evaluation (summary) Download Climate Tax Feasibility Study – Summary

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  • Tapestry's Circularity: Sustainable Product Design, Life Cycle Assessment, Reuse and RepairSeptember 23, 2022
    SOURCE: Tapestry, Inc. DESCRIPTION:We imagine a future where all products can be reused, repurposed or recycled, and cause minimal negative environmental impact. To achieve this ambition, we are rethinking product life cycle, reuse and repair, and through innovative design, we are working towards a sustainable, circular economy. In April 2021, Coach launched (Re)Loved, a program […]
  • A Team Effort: Introducing the 2021 Purpose PlaybookSeptember 23, 2022
    SOURCE: DICK'S Sporting Goods DESCRIPTION:Great teams are driven by core values that inspire individual responsibilities and collective goals. That’s the philosophy guiding our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy, and we're proud to say that our teammates and our values have led us to new goals, continued progress and a shared vision of a better […]
  • Tetra Pak 2022 Sustainability Report: Message From the CEOSeptember 23, 2022
    SOURCE: Tetra Pak DESCRIPTION:As the world continued to experience the direct and indirect impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, including global supply chain disruptions, resource shortages, employment challenges and inflation – these have not been easy times. Additionally, the start of 2022 brought the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which will have a further knock-on effect on […]
  • AB: China's State-Owned Enterprises Hold Keys to Carbon NeutralSeptember 23, 2022
    By John Lin| Portfolio Manager—China Equities and Philippe Benoit| Adjunct Senior Research Scholar-Columbia University's SIPA Center on Global Energy Policy SOURCE: AllianceBernstein DESCRIPTION:ESG in Action China has pledged to reach carbon neutrality by 2060, and state-owned enterprises (SOEs) are responsible for half the country’s CO2 emissions. Yet SOEs are also major players in China’s renewable […]
  • Mark S. Sutton, International Paper CEO, on Building a Better IPSeptember 22, 2022
    SOURCE: International Paper Company DESCRIPTION:Building a Better IP is our plan for accelerating improvement and creating long-term, sustainable value for all of our stakeholders. Our Vision 2030 goals are an integral part of this plan. They reflect who we are as a company, our values and our commitment to building a better future for people […]

Thinking out of the box

We produce independent, non-commercial sustainability-related research, and offer custom research based on professional analytics and out-of-the-box thinking.