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SolAbility Sustainable Intelligence

What is not competitive is not sustainable. What is not sustainable is not competitive.

Sustainability and sustained economic development are not mutually exclusive.
They are complementary elements of success.

Proud publisher of the Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index – measuring green growth since 2012.

SolAbility is a sustainable intelligence think-tank and consultancy that has made 3 DJSI World Industry Leaders.

Sustainable Competitiveness DJSI Leader
Implementing Leadership

Sustainable Competitiveness

What gets measured gets done.

Integrating Strategy, Management Systems, Roadmaps, Communication

With the maker of 3 DJSI World Industry Group Leaders

The State of the World

The Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index

The Most Compehensive Country Index


Published since 2012, the GSCI evaluates country ESG competitiveness  – and the State of the World.

The GSCI serves for policy decison making, and to assess country-specific risks for businesses and investors.

2035 Energy Transition

Tax Fossils. Receive Cash.

Economic compatible. Socially Just. Fast.

To only way to get to Zero quick enough:
⇒ Taxing oil/gas/coal
⇒ Levied at the same rate, around the globe
⇒ 50% repaid to the people in cash
⇒ 50% invested in renewable infrastructure

⇒ CO2 emissions reduced to Zero by 2035

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The Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index 2022

GSCI 2023 Cover

Download The Global Sustainable Competitiveness Report 2023

Achieving Sustainable Competitiveness: Key Policies


Download Sustainable. Competitive.

Real-Zero by 2035: Global Climate Tax

The most efficient way to stop climate change: a global climate tax Download Climate Tax Feasibility Study – Executive Summary

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