US Competitiveness

What The Donald !!!

...maybe should be worried about.

Or: why the US is only ranked 32 in the Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index.
An analyis of the sustainable competitiveness of the USA, derived from the Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index

The US is currently only ranked 32 of 180 nations in the GSCI, scoring only 10% above average, but nearly 25% below the best. While the US scores above average in natural capital, intellectual capital and governance, the country is considerably below the global average in both resource intensity and social cohesion.

US competitiveness vs. global best and average

USA Competitiveness vs. Global best and average

Why the US is not in the top league:

  • Natural capital, rank 31: The US is a big and beautiful country with abundant natural resources. However – water scarcity and efficiency are issues that need to be looked at urgently, especially in the dry plains and on the West Coast.
  • Resource intensity, rank 161: the US uses significantly more energy, water, and raw materials than other economies to achieve economic output. High resource intensity is equal to higher cost for the economy, and urgently needs to be addressed in order to MAGA.
  • Intellectual capital, rank 19: compared to global peers the performance of US student is simply dismal, and R&D investments are scarily low, raising serious doubts over US’ ability to compete in an innovation-driven global economy.
  • Governance, rank 41: No real news here – the lack of investment in infrastructure, and a high structural deficit remain the main concerns.
  • Social capital, rank 114: high crime rates, and social inequality are not only dividing the nation – they are also costly.

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