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SolAbility is an independent think tank and sustainable management consultancy.

SolAbility is the publisher of the Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index, and the maker of 3 DJSI World Industry Group Leaders.



What we do

Dynamic sustainability

Corporate Sustainability

Sustainable management is about controlling risks and cost, increasing employee motivation and customer recognition, and anticipating new business opportunities. Managing sustainable is sustaining profitability. We can help you with that.

Sustainability reporting

Sustainability Communication

Increasing reputation and recognition through creative sustainability reporting - and achieving external recognition through inclusion in the DJSI.

Competitiveness index

Sustainable Competitiveness Index

Do sovereign credit ratings reflect investor risks?
Conventional credit ratings are based on financial & economic indicators & perceptions. They do not cover the elements that define current and future status of an economy: credit ratings do not cover the full picture of investor risks.